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Pre-paid cellular air-time . . .

Imagine having an infinite supply of Air-time vouchers at wholesale prices to satisfy your every customer's needs and NEVER having to take stock, order stock, wait for stock, or keep stock of vouchers again. Never spend any time managing your air-time sales again. This is reality, courtesy of Delcell.



Wintec provides an efficient system to retail pre-paid products such as pre-paid air-time.  Making use of a compact self-contained terminal on your retail counter that requires no installation or telephone line, you are able to sell pre-paid vouchers immediately.



  • Real-time.

  • No Telkom line required.

  •  No radio pads required

  • Substantial savings on communication compared to fixed line costs / deliveries.

  • Full web based management system

  • Reporting capabilities from your P.C.

  • Full management & controls from your P.C.

  • No stock holding on the terminal itself

  • Transaction time approx. 3.5 seconds 



Terminal Pricing

Outright purchase                                                                                          

Terminal Cost              



Prices are subject to change with 24 hours notice in line with the networks and suppliers.